Bundle of Joy

Making holidays easier for families visiting Edinburgh. 

Value Proposition 

Our Bundle of Joy delivery service helps families on holiday in Edinburgh who want to ease the pain of transporting bulky equipment (like buggies) and support families in their destination city unlike airlines, hotels and travel companies. 



We're a group of parents who know what it feels like to lug baby and toddler stuff on flights and up stairs to your accommodation when going on holiday 


We believe parents should share and support each other


If you're a young family visiting Edinburgh, we'll meet you at your accommodation with a bundle of your pre-ordered essentials to make your holiday pain-free. A buggy, nappies, travel cot, sling and anything else you need.

Order online before you leave home, everything will be waiting for you when you arrive 


We partner with parents in Edinburgh who want to balance childcare with earning a living by delivering our bundles of joy. That way, we'll fulfill our mission to get parents supporting parents.  


This idea is waiting for a hero. 

Contact me if you're interested in this idea.